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I’m joining the Blog world because I’m a fan of hockey, and more specifically the Canucks.  I always have an opinion on what’s happening and it’s not always the view shared by many other faithful Canucks fans.  That said, I needed an avenue to voice my opinions and my good friend set me up with my own BLOG for the world to view.  So welcome world and let’s get at this. 

Here’s my take on the Canucks latest dealings.Nonis, who we all feel sits back a bit because he’s not nearly the vocal persona that Burke was, goes out and fills a MAJOR void the team had in it’s night in/night out performances last year.  Willie Mitchell is a fierce competitor and plays hard every shift of every game and learned that while under the tutelage of Lemaire in Minnesota.  How many games, did the team just not show up for (see 4 losses to St. Louis Blues).  How many times did you hear the comments in post game interviews ‘we just needed to play a full 60 minutes’.  14m is fine and this is exactly the type of player we need to push this team not only back into the playoffs, but deep in them as well.   

We lost a great heart and soul guy in Jovo, and for the emotion he brought to another wise stoic group last year, we’ll miss him.  However, I’m not sure that we can afford to spend 6.5m on a player that has only played all 82 games once in his ten year career.  He’s missed an average of over 13 games a year over those ten years.  If you factor this into his salary, your really paying him more like 7.75m, which is Nicklas Lidstrom money… and all due respect to Jovo, but he is not Lidstrom. 

So here’s how the defensive core is going to turn out this year.  Ohlund, Krajicek, Salo, Mitchell, Bourdon, Bieksa.  It’s not a bad top 6, but we are going to have some growing pains early on.  We’ll need more depth to the team.  Speaking about depth, good on Baumgartner getting a 2.4m deal from the Flyers.  They paid a lot, but got not only what they wanted but also needed, being a defenseman that can actually skate.  They were terribly slow on the blue line last year and this should help them out a bit in that regard.  Good signing for both player and team.

But I digress, Nonis really needs to turn his attention to our right side, then the bottom two lines.  I don’t believe that we are going to have the money for Carter, but here’s the thing.  He’s having a bit more trouble moving Cloutier than originally planned and perhaps that is holding him back a bit from making a big commitment to Anson. Either way, we need a #1 and #2 Right Winger… I think it may be time to part ways with Matt Cooke. This is a guy that is making 1.5m and will definitely be in line for a bump when up for Free Agency.  It’s highly unlikely we’ll keep him at that point anyways, but there are lots of other teams that could use a super pest like that.  I think you can use him as trade bait for an upgrade on right wing, perhaps some young talent which this organization sorely needs.

Okay, I’m done for today, but will talk to you later about the other signings, deals, and trades as they happen.  I’ll also do a review of Nonis as the Canucks GM, and some other stuff that I’ve had rattling around my head about the team and NHL for a while. 


The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “The Chief is HERE!!”

  1. JR Says:

    Linden should replace Carter on the Sedin line. Now that they are the “first line”, they could use a little size and discipline on the wing. He skates just as fast as Carter, is better defensively and could probably get 20 goals if he actually got more than 10 minutes a night on a line with a couple of stiffs. Crawford was never a Linden guy but hopefully Vigneault will appreciate his physical play, speed and determination. And the price is right.

  2. Good point, I’m going to mention that in a post next week… maybe wait until they sign him before writing about it. My guess is that Linden had a slow start and off year due to the Lockout too.

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