Another Canuck Loss

Well, another day gone, and another Canuck has fled.  You can’t blame him though, Jarkko Ruutu got a great deal from the Pittsburgh Penguins.  2.5 million over two years is again to much for the Canucks to pay a third line guy, one they love, but will definately be playing on the third.  I wonder what Sidney is going to think when Jarkko pulls his move in a shoot-out? reported earlier today that it looks like Carter is a goner.  Reports have the Canucks and the Carter camp about 1 million apart in total dollars on a deal.  Other reports have Carter going to Toronto, LA, or even Phillidelphia although I don’t see that happening with today’s signing of Randy Robitaille there.  Clarke is simply out of cap space now.

No one has talked about Linden yet, but that’s because Nonis is building his team in priorty sequence right now.  Nonis will get to him in a few weeks, Linden is a role player for the team now and despite the respect he deserves here in Vancouver, he’s only going to be playing on the third or fourth line this year.  Look for Linden to sign a 1 year deal for about $850K once Nonis sorts out what he’s going to do for his top two right wingers.  That’s still more than market value for him somewhere else, but we know he deserves it here.

I’ll repeat a thought from yesterday on Cooke, We need an upgrade on the right side and cannot afford to pay a third line guy 1.5 million (see Linden comments above).  There are those that will say he deserves a shot on the second line with Naslund and Morrison (yes they are now the second line) due to his performance in 2004 in Bert’s absense.  But I firmly believe that if we had Bert in that playoff series, it would have turned out considerably different.  Translation: Cookie wasn’t good enough to be on that line. 

Here is a list of the best forwards still available via Free Agency: Carter, Samsonov, Shanahan, Peca, Halpern, Laraque.  Other than the first three, I don’t see much of on option for Vancouver other than a trade.

I received a question yesterday on the Pronger rumours, I won’t add any commentary on this, but will post this link for you to visit if your interested in another point-of-view.  Christie has a link to e-mail her if you want to ask her about it yourself.

The Chief Canuck 

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