Chicago Suprise

Chicago’s GM had stated that he was suprised and caught off guard at how high the prices were for the top free agents this year.  See today’s main article on how teams are adjusting to the new realities with this CBA, however, it’s not a suprise to anyone who’s watched Chicago’s inept owner over the years see that they’re a little behind on this one.

But go figure, Dale Tallon does what no other team could convince Martin Havlat to do… sign him to more than one year, and parlay underperforming Mark Bell (he’ll do great in San Jose though) into a great package of prospects and young cheap players for Ottawa.  Talk about stockpiling for the future. 

I’m always suprised when anyone agrees to go to Chicago, but this is going to give Havlat what he’s always wanted…to get the big contract and be the go to guy.  He’s always been in the shadow of someone in Ottawa, and he will absolutely be the man in the windy city.  We’ll see if he can withstand the storm.

 The Chief Canuck

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