The Mad Islanders

Need I say more.

Apparently it isn’t just Mike Milbury.  The entire organization is mad.

I’m starting to think that Mike Milbury deserves an apology for all his actions.  Apparently he’s extremely savy at the political games that are played in every company.  He even got himself a promotion out of the deal and obviously continues to bring in a very respectable salary.

But back to the Islanders.  There was actually a time when Wayne Gretzky looked up to these guys and used them as inspiration and something he needed to aspire to.

So, what’s actually going on now.  Well, Charles Wang wants to take some good ideas from business, ones that have made him very successful, and apply them to his NHL Franchise. 

Specifically, he want’s collaberation.  And with that, he’s limiting the decision making abilities of the GM.  It’s also why he can take backup goalie and put him into the GM’s chair.  The GM is not really a GM, but a coach, advisor and scout all in one.  I guess he’ll be expected to do some negotiating, and give some input into player decisions.  But you’re going to have to wonder who’s really going to make the final call.

I guess Ted Nolan’s happy.  Now he’s run two GM’s out of a job.  I never put much weight in the rumours about Nolan previously as it always sounded like sour grapes to me.  But now that Smith has been dismissed after only 40 days on the job, I firmly believe every rumour I’ve every heard about him. 

Nolan is going to revel in his new found power, but mark my words.  The Islanders will never find success under this business model, and when Charles finally figures this out, Ted Nolan will be out of a job, and will never ever ever ever get another shot in the league again.  He’ll be lucky if they let him in a rink anywhere, never mind coach organized hockey.

He may have been a good coach, but no person is worth that amount of turmoil.

Garth Snow is a good guy, but only two other people have ever gone directly from being a player one year, to a GM the next.  So, all the best Garth.  Mind you, as a figurehead, he shouldn’t have too much trouble.

As I’m writing this update, I’ve read a report that Pat Lafontaine has resigned as senior advisor with the NY Islanders.  Apparently he doesn’t like the business model either. 

I wonder who’s going to advise Charles now?  Maybe they can get Yashin to fill this role.  After all, he’s as well respected and has contributed as much to the Islander organization as Pat Lafontaine. 

Really, what’s the point.

It’s really coming apart at the seams out on Long Island.  Hiring Smith, Nolan, LaFontaine, and Trottier were brilliant moves to rebuild, connect the fans with the team, and most importantly, stop being the punchline in every joke about the  NHL.

It’s all gone now, and they are again a black mark on the NHL.  History was made today, and this is something that will be talked about for decades to come.

The Chief Canuck

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