Lou Lamoriello

Viewed as one of the best GM’s in the League.  His sometimes questionable decisions always seem to turn to gold, which has resulted in 3 Stanley Cups for his NJ Devils.

He has been revered as such a hockey guru, that he came to have a significant role in the negotiations with the NHLPA last year.

I remember thinking as the new CBA was getting closer to being signed that Lou was getting a huge head start on all the other GM’s.  And unfairly so.  He’s already a hockey wizard, and now he’s going to know the inner workings of the new CBA better than anyone else out there.

But after a year has now past, you need to wonder if Lou really still has it.  His post lockout transactions have left left him with little room to manouver and is now at risk of losing some of the teams great young players.

Let’s recount.  Last summer, Lamoriello signed Alex Mogilny (2yrs, 7m), Vladimir Malakhov (2yrs, 7.2m), and Dan McGillis (2yrs, 4.4m)to expensive multi-year deals.  In fact these signings had pushed him over the cap, forcing him to trade away Jeff Freisen to Washington prior to the start of the season.

Those three players are no longer on the NJ Devils roster, yet a collective 9.3 million is being counted against the cap due to the contracts signed last summer. 

So, while most teams are working with an increased cap of 44 million, NJ has painted themselves into a corner with only 34.7 million available to ice a team.

And Lou has some pretty hefty signings yet to make. 

Scott Gomez, Brion Gionta, and Paul Martin all need to be signed.  Without these three, NJ will have very little to build off in coming years, so it’s pertinent that Lou finds a way to retain them all.

But if Gomez wins his arbitration hearing on Friday, he may command 5-6 million for the season.  That would make it extremely unlikely that Lou could sign Gionta and Martin as well. 

He’s caught in tough spot now.  These three players represent the future of the team, and he has too much cap space dedicated to players not even on the roster.

So, back to the beginning of it all.  It appeared that Lou had a head start on knowing the inner workings of the new CBA, and he did.  What we didn’t expect was for him to back himself into a corner he couldn’t get out of.

Then again, maybe he didn’t, and he will find his way out of it by using the inner workings of the CBA.  The jury is still out on his performance last year, but we’ll know for sure if this was calculated in advance, or a complete mis-step in the coming months.

The Chief Canuck

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  1. […] He’s gotten himself out of his complete salary cap disaster.  Go hereto get a summary of this issue, it’s something else that he ended up there and we’ve only been able to speculate all summer what was going to happen.  […]

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