Filling the Canuck Roster

It’s apparent from the Canucks latest move that there are few UFA’s left on the market.  Well, at least ones that can be signed at a reasonable price.

This leaves only a few options for a team like the Canucks who have invested so much long term money into the core of their team.  Luongo (6.75), Naslund (6.00), Sedin/Sedin (3.75,3.75), Ohlund (3.50), Mitchell (3.50), and Morrison (3.20) take up a collective 30 million dollars.  With a self imposed cap of 2.5 million below the NHL Cap of 44 million, they now have only 12 million dollars for 13 more players.  Ouch. 

Don’t forget, they’ve also committed 1.5 million to each of Salo and Cooke for the upcoming season.  Make that 9 million left for 11 more players. The Canucks are going to the best possible place to fill out the roster.  Youth, and more youth. 

Players like Taylor Pyatt, who was recently acquired for a pick from Buffalo, fit the bill perfectly.  He was immediately signed to a single year deal, and at the age of 24, is ready for a breakout season. 

Even with no breakout, this kid will deliver quality 3rd line minutes and points for the team, and at a price the team can afford.

Widely unreported in June, the team had previously signed Brandon Reid signed a deal to return to Canada, and the Canuck organization after two years in Europe.  He’s small, at 5’9, but with the new age NHL, and only 25 years old, he’s affordable, and could be a surprise to many.

See a trend? 

It’s called taking a risk.  Gone are the days of 2-3 million dollar 3rd line veteran guys. 

Teams are ready, or rather, deliberately designing their teams in a way that leaves them no choice but to take a risk on their 3rd and 4th lines. 

Watch in the next season for more youth to be given full opportunities.  I think we’ll all be surprised by some of the names we see high in league scoring.  For some of these guys, it will be all they’ve ever wanted.  A chance.

The Chief Canuck.

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