Canucks Sign Bulis – Not for Sedins

Well, that should put an end to any future Anson Carter back to Vancouver rumours.

Bulis will NOT end up playing with the Sedins.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s this years Carter.  When Nonis picked up Carter he did it with the deliberate intention of playing him with the Sedin twins.  Bulis was brought in for depth on the forward lines.  He may get some time with them, but Nonis is looking at other options for the Sedins right now.

Bulis got 20 goals and 20 assists last season playing 3rd line minutes.  But he was also benched quite a few times for his lack of intensity.  The Canucks are going to need a bit more consistency than he’s given.  I think he’ll surprise us a lot this year, but remember he’s not Todd Bertuzzi, and he’s only making 1.3m.

So, options for the Sedins…

Remember Jason King?  He’ll be back and expect him to get a big opportunity to reclaim a position he previously held. 

Unfortunately there isn’t much else out there in the Canucks depth chart that can surprise us.  And that’s the issue right now.  They need to draft and develop more prospects, and ones that become game breakers.  We have enough 3rd line prospects, but I digress…

The Sedins have progressed to a point were it won’t matter too much who get’s put with them.  They are going to get their points.  And Nonis knows what kind of player it takes to help them out a bit.. see Anson Carter.  That said, a right handed shot on this line always seemed to work well. 

Whoever it is is going to be in for a big raise next year, and on the coat tails of Daniel & Henrik.  You watch, players will be lining up to play with the Sedins in years to come. 

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Canucks Sign Bulis – Not for Sedins”

  1. […] Despite the fact that the local media had Bulis pegged to play with the Sedins.  That was never going to happen as I wrote when he signed here.  […]

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