Success of the Team

As the off-seasons acquisitions die down after a busy first 3 weeks, the potential options become more limited, and line-ups are set for the coming season.  The competition for next season looks good.

So, what’s it going to take to win?  Well, it will be different things at different points in the season, but let’s break it down this way:

Coaching – Chemistry- Injury – Best Players


Teams will need to be well prepared every night.  There is no opportunity to take a night off against any team.  With more divisional match-ups, and increased competition, preparation will be key every night, games 1 through 82.


With so many new players on each team, there is going to be a ‘getting to know’ factor.   Trust will be an issue, and those teams that can gel early on will find success throughout the season.  Sticking together and finding that unknown quantity we so often refer to as chemistry is going to be key in finding ways to win.  How quickly teams get it will be a factor in obtaining some early wins.  Making it to a playoff spot will demand that they find it throughout the season.


Any team hit with significant injuries will have extreme difficulty making a run for the playoffs.  And I mean any team.  With so much money devoted to a teams top players, and the lack of depth of top players on each team, any injury will devastate any teams playoff hopes. 

Top Players 

Your best players need to be your best players.  If they’re not, every team lacks the depth to succeed and has no chance of making the playoffs.

These aren’t complicated story lines, but watch as the season go by and you’ll see that those teams dropping out of a playoff spot will be those with one or more of these 4 key issues.

The Chief Canuck

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