Where’d you go?

To steal a line from a recent 10 ten song, Where’d you go?  Goals that is.

The Canucks have lost a lot of fire power recently and this has many wondering who’s going to take on the load lost by those top goal scorers from last year.  So much so that the otherwise quite GM of the Canucks actually spoke out about this.  Nonis defended his team, saying that not all that much was lost when you consider what was also gained. 

So I looked at it, and was surprised by what I found.  Not only that, I was suprised by what I didn’t find.  But more about that later.

The Canucks have lost top 10 goal scorers Todd Bertuzzi, Anson Carter, & Jarkko Ruutu.  Combined they put the puck in the net 68 times last year. 

What did they gain?  Well over the past month, the Canucks have aquired Jan Bulis, Marc Chouinard, and Taylor Pyatt.  Playing 2nd, 3rd, & 4th line minutes, they combined for 40 goals, with half coming from Bulis along.

That leaves a net loss of 28 goals.

To put this into perspective, dropping 28 goals last year would have pushed the Canucks from finishing 12th in goals for, all the way to 22nd.

Only Calgary made the playoffs scoring less goals.  However, they rode the coat-tails of a world-class goalie.  Mind you, Nonis picked one of those up too.

But even if you buy into the methodology that they won’t have to score as many goals with Luongo in net, there’s more to this story than just that.

If you look a little deeper into the players not in the top ten last year, you’ll see an interesting story.  Linden, Park, & Cooke only combined for 23 goals last year.  But remember this, Cooke was hampered by injury, Linden was coming off an emotional 1 1/2 years of CBA negotiations. 

You’ve got to think that they could both obtain 15 goals each next year, and whoever Parks replacement is could do the same (see Jason King, Brandon Reid, or Jesse Schultz).  After all, King got 12 goals with the twins before petering out as a rookie.

So, if you see them getting 15 goals each on average, your looking at a net increase in goals of 22 goals.  That almost covers the loss noted previously. 

And we haven’t accounted for Taylor Pyatt having any sort of breakout.  Nor have you considered the fact that the Sedins were in the top 10 in the league in points per minute played last year, and are going to get even more minutes this year as the teams top line.

While I don’t buy Nonis story straight up, after looking a little deeper, then deeper again, there stands a stong possibility that the team is going to be in about the same offensive shape as last year. 

Only this time, they’ve got a game breaker in net.

The Chief Canuck

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  1. joseph Says:

    are you sure about that?

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