Next for Canucks

What’s next?  Take a look at the salary committments for 2006-07:

That’s only 14 players signed.

So to start, Nonis is likely going to spend some time to get the following signed this week, as they are restricted free agents:

Tyler Bouck, Ryan Kesler, Mika Noronen, & Lukas Krajicek.

And that still leaves the team with only 6 defenseman and 10 forwards.  Then again, I haven’t included the likes of Brandon Reid, Jesse Schultz, Jason King, or Lee Goren in this list.  But it does include Luc Bourdon as making the team in his first year as a pro.

Still, you have to think that Nonis realizes the importance of Linden to the Canuck organization and will spend some time getting him signed this week.

It would just to too strange to have him in another uniform again, especially at this point in his career.

Other than Linden, I would think that Nonis is getting pretty close to solidifying the line-up for 2006-07.  However, Nonis himself has already noted that some teams may be looking to fill some holes and make some deals as the arbitration process proceeds.  He believes that some teams are more likely to walk away from players than they have in the past with the salary cap limiting them.  We haven’t seen this yet, but there are still a few to go.

If deals are there to be made Nonis will be keeping busy right to opening night.

The Chief Canuck

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