Worst Moves – Summer ’06

I’ve read a lot of opinions over the past month about what teams made the worst signings so far this summer.  I disagree with a lot of them, so here’s what you really need to know about the worst.  Counting down from number 5:

Worst Signings

5. Kim Johnsson (Minnesota, 4 yrs – 19.4m) – In an effort to convince Marian Gaborik to sign a long-term deal, Minnesota signs Johnsson for a long term expensive deal.  This was a deal that they would have never made in previous years, or in any other year for that matter.  It’s sole purpose was to show committment to Gaborik.  Too bad they didn’t think of this a couple years ago instead and dealt more fairly with him then. 

4. Pavel Kubina – (Toronto, 4yrs – 20m) – It’s not that Kubina shouldn’t get this kind of money, it’s that Toronto already had devoted 10m to their top 2 defenseman.  Depth is not affordable in the salary cap era.  Just ask Mats Sundin what he thinks about his teams inability to land him a decent winger because all their money is tied up on the backend. 

3. Martin Gerber – (Ottawa, 3 yrs – 11.1m) – Ottawa had assets to go out and pick up a younger, better goalie.  Instead, they use those assets to pick up some mid-level prospects and a bit of depth on defense, and give away 3.7m per year on a guy that was 18th last year in goals against, and lost his starting job in the playoffs to a rookie.

2. Ed Jovanovski – (Phoenix, 5 yrs – 32.5m) – Injury prone.  I’ve already discussed the cost of this signing.  Simply put, on a per game basis (meaning Jovo never has and never will play a full season), they are paying him Nicklas Lidstrom money.  He’s not a Norris trophy winner, nor has he been a finalist, ever.  Need we say more.

1. Marc Savard (Boston, 5 yrs – 25m) – Not only has he been cast from from multiple teams for his lack of intensity, poor physical shape, and inability to learn the definition of defensive, he’s also brittle which is becoming an key factor in the success of any playoff bound team.  Add to that he had a career year only after having his first injury free season and playing on a line with all stars Marian Hossa & Ilya Kovalchuk.   Boston will be eating this one for a long time.

The Chief Canuck

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