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Canucks – Where’s the Buzz?

September 1, 2006

Over the past 5 years the buzz on the Vancouver Canucks has started earlier and earlier prior to training camp.  Not just talk, but also hope, anticipation, and excitement.

It’s not present this year to near the same degree.  Well there is something present, but it’s from the die-hard guys that are always ready to talk hockey, not from the rest of the fan base.  The general fan is waiting to meet the team. 

The core of this team was together for so long that everyone knew who they were and what they could expect when the season started.  So the excitement was there because the team was exciting and inspiring to start.  There was always hope.

Welcome back Old – Naslund, Sedin, Sedin, Ohlund, Morrison, Cooke, Salo, Bieksa, Bouck.  Most of those names have been with the team for 5 or more years.  Talk about familiarity.

Hello New – Luongo, Mitchell, Bulis, Chouinard, Bourdon, Pyatt, Fitzpatrick, Tremblay, & Krajicek.  And the team still needs to find themselves a decent backup goaltender. 

That’s a lot of new.

No wonder people are waiting for training camp this year to get to know what we have before making an assessment or forming an opinion.  The most common question I’ve been asked this year is ‘what do you think of all the changes on the Canucks this year?’

While some are familiar with the names brought in, many are asking ‘who’?

For those of you wondering who, I’ll start telling you about each of them over the coming weeks leading up to training camp.  But more than that, you’ll stop wondering ‘who’ once the season starts and you see the impact on work ethic and performance the changes Nonis made this year has.

The Chief Canuck