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What is Defense First?

September 11, 2006

Is the term puck pursuit just a moniker for defense first? 

Does putting defense first mean boring hockey?

The Canucks are no longer a high-octane team who are built to outscore their opponent at every turn.  Nonis has altered the direction of this normally exciting and entertaining hockey team to be built from the goalie out. 

Landing himself Roberto Luongo was his first big step in changing the makeup of the team.  And then the defensive stalwart Mitchell replaced the free flowing high tempo Jovanovski on the back end. 

Then adding defensive specialist in Chouinard makes me wonder how exciting the hockey is going to be next year.

As a fan of hockey, I have greatly enjoyed watching the Canucks during the last 6 years or so despite their lack of success in the postseason.  In city after city when the Canucks were on the road, you would hear comments on how exciting the Canucks were to watch when the came to town.

The reason they were exciting was because of a belief they not only needed to play good hockey, but also entertain the fans.  And the fans were entertained with highlight reel after highlight reel after highlight reel right up to the first round of the playoffs.

And that’s the thing.  If you’re doing something and it’s not working, you need to do it differently if you want it to change.

But do you really want a change.  Think about that.  What will the talk shows be saying if the city of Vancouver ends up with 82 boring games of hockey and a second round playoff exit.

The Chief Canuck