Speculation Over – Linden Signs

The craziest thing I read about Trevor Linden signing a one year deal with the Canucks was that he should be made captain again. 

Fans need to stop living in the past glory of Linden.  It’s true that if Keenan never showed up in Vancouver and Mark Messier decided to stay in NY where he belonged, Linden could very well still have been captain of this team. 

But that’s not what happened, and life moved on.  After letting Messier return to the Rangers after 3 dismal seasons in a Canuck uniform, it was clear this was now Naslunds team.

If you recall, that was the year the team held their training camp in Sweden and Naslund felt right at home showing his teammates around and leading them. He was announced as captain shortly thereafter and the team propelled forward as an offensive threat night after night.

And a few years later, Linden was brought back to Vancouver where he always belonged. 

But the fact that this is Naslunds team doesn’t mean Linden can’t be or isn’t a leader on the team.  In a room filled with new players, Linden’s support of Markus Naslund, and the experiences he can share with the younger players will be invaluable in creating a new and positive environment in the dressing room.

And that’s what this team needs.  A new slate.  A postive environment.  Leadership.  Hard work. 

This is still Naslunds team, and this year will tell you what kind of leader he really his.  And Linden can help with all of that whether or not he has the C. 

The Chief Canuck

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