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Nothing to Report

September 22, 2006

Despite the better lineup that played in San Jose last night, there is little to report after the Canucks first two preseason games.

Luongo was average at best in his first game as a Canuck.  The rookies and prospects have failed to leave much of an impression.  That is unless you include San Jose’s Milan Michalek who had a hat trick last night.

Both Sedins got a goal and an assist late in the game, but the real question should have been about who was on their line.  Which reminds me, who was on their line?  Like I said earlier in the week, it doesn’t really matter, because the Sedin’s are now great players.  But I’d still like to know.

But maybe that’s the point about preseason in general, especially the first few games anyways.  That it doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things.  As long as Vigneault can figure out how to best assemble this team between now and October 5th, it should be okay.

Still, it’s quite disappointing to see the likes of King jump over to Europe, Shultz struggle in camp and in the game he got into, and Reid and Pyatt almost non-existent.

Maybe it’s just that the media coverage is less than normal.  The highlight package didn’t show any of the Canuck goals from last night.  That would have been a bit of a treat, at least then we could figure out who was at least on the ice with the Sedin’s when they scored.  I know you can go to to find out, but still, it’s disappointing. 

And so far, there has been nothing to get me excited about this year of hockey.

The Chief Canuck