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When is it Time?

September 23, 2006

At what point do you start to hit the panic button?

We know that the preseason doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it’s not like you can just turn it on and off at will.  Teams need to use the preseason to come together, and find some chemistry, but wins and losses are irrelevant…. almost.

If a team losses every preseason game, you should not expect that they’ll switch gears on October 5th and start winning.  It’s extremely unlikely to occur that way.

So, what about the Canucks.

Three straight losses. They did ice almost compeltely different lineups each game.  That may explain a bit, but you’d think that at least one of those teams would have been able to deliver something. 

At this point, Vigneault is trying to take a look at everyone in the organization, and evaluating all the players here.  It’s unfortunate that no one has really taken opportunity of this.  The coaching staff has stated that they aren’t cutting players, they’re cutting themselves at this point.  That’s really unfortunate given the fact there are two positions available on the top two lines of this team for the first time in 5 years. 

So, after Sunday’s first game at GM Place this preseason, the team is going to make another set of cuts.  It’s after these cuts that you should expect better performances on the ice.

So don’t panic…. just yet. 

The Chief Canuck