Goalie Wire – Tampa Bay

The first goalie has hit the waiver wire.  As expected, a team with goalie depth is trying to shed some of it by placing Sean Burke on waivers. 

As reported earlier, Sean had to yet again prove himself as a capable NHL goaltender this year.  Not only that, but prove worthy of the $1.6m salary he’s carrying right now.

Do not expect the Canucks to pick him up.  After spending $6.75m on their starter, and having to pay twice the expected amount to Kesler, their cap space simply won’t allow it.

A better scenario for the Canucks would have to been to see Johan Holmqvist hit the waiver wire, but Tampa doesn’t want to lose a guy with a lot of upside and plenty of years left to play in the league.

This was a smart move by Tampa Bay, and unfortunate for the Canuck depth chart.  Nonis will continue to follow the waiver wire right up to the start of the season for someone to fill the backup shoes.

Visit this post from last week to see who’s left as an option out there for the team to get.

The Chief Canuck

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