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First Game

September 26, 2006

I remember attending my first hockey game at the Pacific Coliseum, but I don’t know who was playing, what the score was, or hold old I was.  Neither does my dad who brought me.  I think I must have been about 5 or 6 though, otherwise the mental images of this game that are left in my head wouldn’t still be so clear.

I was able to bring my nephew, who is 20 months old to his first hockey game on Sunday night.  I know that he’s not going to remember this the same way I did at such a young age.  So I decided to take a few photos of him there, and I think I’ll save the ticket for him as a bit of a memento too.

Shael's First Game          

Surprisingly, even at 20 months old, he was able to watch the play, and was very excited by all the activity on the ice.  Except when there was a good check on the boards near us (we were only 7 rows up), the sound of the boards rattling just about scared him him out of the seat.

The most vivid memory I had of my first game was when the game actually started.  Being that I had only seen games on T.V. up to that point in my life, I was accustomed to hearing the commentators talking throughout every game.  I thought they were still doing a pregame skate because there was no commentary yet, and asked when it would start.  Apparently it had and they were already 5 minutes into the first period. 

And that began the first of many annual trips from the Sunshine Coast to the big city to see the Canucks in action.  I think this will be the first of many trips to GM Place for my nephew as well.

The Chief Canuck