Preseason Game Review 5

If the remainder of the preseason games are meant to see who fits well on each line, wouldn’t it make sense to take the Swedish line apart  (Sedin/Sedin/Naslund) and try something else.  It worked, you figured that out against Anahiem when they combined for 5 points.  Try something else and see what else works.

You won’t make it to the playoffs with only one scoring line.  Naslund was quoted on TSN as saying it’s easy to check just one line.  Use it as a last resort like Colorado used to do when it would put Forsberg and Sakic on a line in the last 5 minutes of a game if they were down a goal. 

Despite the 2-0 final score, Luongo looked the best he’s been to date in a Canuck uniform.  I enjoyed the highlight package of him, particularly the save where he had no stick and stopped the puck with his shoulder.

But is that all we are going to be left with on the highlight reels this season?  No goals, and great saves by Luongo.  Something to think about.

I liked Naslund’s comment about lacking intensity.  They didn’t haven it and definitely did drive enough shots on net, never mind scoring chances.  But don’t worry Nazzy, you’ve still got another week to get the intensity level up.  It’s good to see you thinking about it already though, even with your veteran status.

They’ve got another opportunity on Thursday, let’s hope they can get something going on offense then.

The Chief Canuck

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