Okay, I admit it.  I like Dan Cloutier.  I’ve always liked Dan Cloutier. 

Mind you, I was on vacation when the Lidstrom goal happened, so I never felt the same level of frustration as other Vancouver fans had to face.

But seriously, how can you not love a guy that will stick up for your team the way Cloutier would.  The time I saw this clip of Cloutier taking on Salo when he was with the Rangers left me with a vivid impression of a guy that won’t give up… ever.

Or how about this clip of him stepping up and taking on Roloson?

Another favourite memory of Cloutier was when he got into it with Scott Mellanby and slashed him while the referee was already trying to hold him back. 

Needless to say, it’s this competitive nature that convinced Marc Crawford to talk to Dean Lombardi about bringing him to L.A.  And now today, Lombardi’s signed him to a two year contract extension, effectively keeping him a King until 2009. 


I honestly didn’t see that one coming.  Especially with Garon and LaBarbera in their system already.  Apparently they saw enough of these guys last year to know they aren’t going to be able to compete for the No. 1 job ever.

Lombardi is no Burke when it comes to goalies.  This guy’s track records shows that he knows what he’s doing.  A significant amount of depth in the San Jose Shark organization is because of Lombardi’s great drafting.  He’s obtained Nabokov, Kiprusoff, Toskala, & the up and coming Nolan Schaeffer (yes, he is the brother of Peter Who!).

Clearly they believe in this guy.  Don’t be surprised to see Cloutier take the Kings to a playoff berth and get over 30 wins in his first season there.

 The Chief Canuck

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  1. You couldn’t be more on the level

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