Goalie Wire – Chicago

While I’m still not sure if Boucher obtained the one-way contract he was looking for, I do know that Sebastian Caron was put on waivers this week from Chicago. 

Best guess is that is exactly what happened after Lalime got injured.

Here is another possibility in goal for the Canucks, and with Caron’s relatively inexpensive one year NHL contract at $646k, it makes it a possible solution for the Canucks depth chart.

Caron has been a pro for 5 years after being drafted 86th overall by the Penguins in the 1999 Entry Draft.  During that time he has played in a respectable 90 NHL contests on some miserable Pittsburgh teams.

I’m a little surprised that 3 goalies have already been sent through waivers with a week still left in training camp.  Clearly they know that there is a high possibility of these goalies getting claimed on their way down and doing it early allows them enough to time find a replacement should they be taken.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Goalie Wire – Chicago”

  1. Wayne Pitchko Says:

    Chief Canuck?…I take exception NUCKHEAD is chief NUCK….been around this team since Emile “cat” Francis….Johnny Bower and Gump was in the nets…even before that. Anyways good site and info.

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