Goalie Wire – Dallas

Dallas came to a decision early on their goaltending and are trying to send Dan Ellis down to the farm.  Dallas had Ellis and Mike Smith fighting for the backup role behind Turco this year.

Ellis reportedly felt that he lost this job last year when him and Smith were battling for ice time with the Des Moines Bucaneers.

Dan Ellis is currently on a one year deal paying only $450 at the NHL level.  That is definately right in the Canucks price range.  If the Canucks were going to pick up anyone on the waiver wire, you have to think that Ellis would definately be a great option for them.  At a minimum it adds some depth to their farm club which is sorely needed. 

Dallas has to know that they were going to lose one of these guys this year.  I have a couple theories on why they did this so much in advance of the season starting. 

First, they may be trying to see if they can catch other teams off guard before they set their rosters for the season and sneak him through the waiver wire.  The other theory is that because they know they’ll lose him, they want to have it happen now, so that they can pick someone else up later and put them down on the farm.  There would be no point in waiting it out and leave themselves hanging in the balance right before the season. 

Dallas had to have seen what happened with the Canucks depth last year when Washington picked up Brent Johnson when they tried to send him to Manitoba when the season started.

Either way, don’t be surprised to see Dan Ellis join the Canucks organization in the next few days.  There are other options out there, but this one makes a whole bunch of sense.

The Chief Canuck

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