Preseason Game File: Canucks 4 Oilers 5

I’m working on a format for a game review for the regular season.  Be patient with me as I continue work this out. 

Preseason Game: 5

Record: 1-5-0

Canuck Scorers: Burrows, Kesler, Coulombe, Hansen

Shots on Net: 19

Opposition Shots on Net: 21


Kesler proved to be in fine form.  Despite his 3 points, the homer selection crew of the 3 stars decided to give all three to Edmonton players (they all played well, but come on, he got 3 points). 

Let me clarify somethign about Marc Chouinard.  It was the media that said he’s a faceoff specialist, not the Canucks.  So any expectation that he’s the guy to put in the circle for crucial end of game face off’s is incorrect.  He’s here for his work ethic and defensive skills.  But for those of you still set on making him our faceoff specialist, he did improve to 55% last night.


Despite the young guys working hard, too many mistakes were made, which resulted in numerous breakaways and5 goals. 


Wade Flaherty, our only option right now to backup Roberto Luongo let in 5 goals.  Ouch.  I wonder if they’ll give him another chance?

The Chief Canuck

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