Game File: Canucks 2 Edmonton 3 (OT)

I was fortunate enough to be at the final preseason game. 

The biggest difference between Sunday’s tilt against Anahiem (which I also attended) and Saturday’s game against Edmonton, was the amount of physical play and intensity.

These two teams already have a hate on.  We are going to be in for some great games this season being that we play them 8 more times.

Here are some random things I picked up on in this game:

Is it just me, or is Matt’s Cooke’s turtling getting to be an embarrassment for the Vancouver hockey club.  He sucker’s some guy at the Edmonton bench, then instead of fighting, turtles.  I’m done with him, especially after his lame penalty just before the end of regulation (no, I don’t mean the unsportsmanlike one).

Raffi Torres.  I didn’t know to much about this guy till he scored a bunch of goals against us last year.  It’s incredible to watch how strong this guy is on the puck.  He won’t fall down, my friend said it best that night, he’s like a fire hydrant.  If you hit it, you’ll be worse for wear.

Sedin, Sedin, Naslund.  As much as I don’t want them on the same line, they put on an absolutely impressive show.  Both goals this line scored on Saturday were absolutely beautiful.  I especially liked the one that left 3 Edmonton players falling on their feet, including Roloson.

Burrows is a great kid to watch play.  I followed him around for a few shifts and he has a great intensity about him.  I was a little disappointed that Kesler sat out this game, but it appears we’ll have a good line with the two of them this year. 

Flaherty did nothing to inspire me this night.  I am still waiting for Nonis to make some sort of move on the waiver wire for a goalie, but as of Monday morning, I’ve yet to hear anything.

The Chief Canuck

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