Opening Day Roster

Three more cuts were reported today from the Vancouver Canucks.  No surprises here.

Patrick Coulombe & Jannick Hansen were not expected to be on the radar this year, and should be pleased with the performances they made at camp this year.

You can expect both to appear at some point in the season.

Rick Rypien is a different story though.  Early in camp, he received many positive remarks from the coach who basically assured Rypien of a spot on opening night.  But that all changed when he got injured and left the team with no option other than to let him get into some game action by going down to the farm for a while.  Once he’s healthy, you may see either Santala or Green go back to the farm in favor of Rypien.

It’s time to take one last crack at the lineups for opening night.

D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Bulis

Pyatt, Morrison, Naslund

Burrows, Kelser, Cooke

Green, Chouinard, Linden

Extra: Santala

Despite the huge success of the all Swede line, I don’t see this working for the club long term.  It will simply be too easy to shut the Canucks out if they put all their scoring onto one line.  Look for successful pairs to be put together and the 3rd guy to be swapped out depending on their play.  It will be less set than last year, but you should be able to count on these combinations; Burrows/Kelser, Morrison/Naslund, & H. Sedin/D. Sedin.  Chouinard & Linden will likely play most of the season together, but don’t expect much in the way of points from them getting only 4th line minutes.

Here’s who’s left with the team for defensive pairings: 

Ohlund, Bieksa

Salo, Krajicek

Bourdon, Mitchell

Extra: Fitzpatrick

Not a bad defensive core, but with limited depth, any injury will have a significant impact on the teams ability to win hockey games. 

Tremblay was sent down to the farm early and has some seasoning to do with the new NHL rules.  Coulombe is there, but there is not much available after that.  Edler will need at least a year in the AHL to get used to an increase in the pace of the game at the proffessional level.  Bringing him up this year would not help him with his development.

Only a few more days of practice left, then we finally get to begin.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Opening Day Roster”

  1. Darren Says:

    I prefer ‘the Korg line’ for the Swedes. Korg apparently means ‘basket’ in Swedish, as in all your eggs in one.

  2. Sean R Canuck Says:

    I think you’ve hit it spot on in this article. Word out of camp was that Burrows and Kesler clicked really well together, with lots of speed. Cookie could be a good addition to that line, adding some forechecking and jarring the occasional puck loose.

    Im concerned about Chouinard. From what Ive heard, he’s been a disappointment all through camp, and now, out with an injury.

    Vigneault made a comment that Rypien would be in the lineup if it wasnt for his thumb injury. Im wondering if he and Santala will be up and down over the season, or if Chouinard might find him self sent down a couple of times.

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