Goalie Wire – Canucks go Shopping

And from a team completely not on my radar.  TSN.ca has reported that Pittsburgh placed Dany Sabourin on waivers and the Canucks have picked him up. 

So is this guy the next Martin Brochu, or Bob Essensa.  Brochu you’ll remember was claimed off waivers and never could get a foothold on the backup role, nevermind the NHL.  Essensa on the other hand almost stole Cloutier’s starting role away from him back in 2001.

Drafted by the Calgary Flames in 1998, Sabourin has managed to get himself into only 5 NHL games.  The majority were for Calgary in the 2003/04 season.  As recently as the 2005/06 season, he has spent considerable time playing a few leagues down with the Wheeling Whalers of the ECHL.

Who are the Wheeling Whalers and is this seriously the best the Canucks could do for depth in goal?

I’ll save a more thorough assessment of this deal to later.  The only possible reason I can see this pickup is because the Canucks are trying desperately to build some strength in their farm club as it has been left week from the Burke Era.  It’s the reason Nonis has already picked up McIntyre from Detroit, and it could very well be the reason for bringing in Sabourin.

Looks like Wade Flaherty did enough in camp has solidified his role has back-up to Luongo.

The Chief Canuck

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