15 Things about Last Night

15. After a goal by Ottawa against Toronto last night, a guy behind me yelled out that ‘the only thing worse than McCabe is Toronto’.  Classic.

14. I realized while watching the same game how much I dislike T.O.  Sorry to you fans, because you really stick by them through all the garbage.  But at the same time, get out of my face with your opinions about how Raycroft is the second coming of Johnny Bower.

13. There are officially 3 teams I despise in the NHL, and no, the NY Islanders are not one of them.  Toronto Maple Leafs – because they’re from Toronto; Chicago Blackhawks – because their owner won’t play home games on TV; Colorado Avalanche – because they always could afford great teams and I hated them for it.  I would not be surprised to see all three miss the playoffs.  Good riddance.

12. Okay I lied, there arent’ 15 things about last night, so I’ll improvise with listing the 15 Western Conference teams and which player is wearing the No.15 sweater:

Anahiem: Ryan Getzlaf – C

Calgary: Byron Ritchie – C

Chicago: Tuuomo Ruutu – C

Colorado: Andrew Brunette – LW

Columbus: Davie Westcott – D

Dallas: Niklas Hagman – LW

Detroit: Danny Markov – D

Edmonton: Joffrey Lupul – RW

Los Angeles: Jeff Cowan – RW

Minnesota: None

Nashville: None

Phoenix: Mike Zigomanis – C

San Jose: Ville Nieminen – LW

St. Louis: Peter Sejna – LW

Vancouver: None

And a breakdown of who wears No. 15 by position in the West:

5 – Left Wingers

4 – Centers

3 – None

2 – Defenseman

1 – RW

I wonder if any other sweater numbers can count to five like that.

You can look forward to more stats on the number 15 to come in the following post.

The Chief Canuck

This post was written for the sole purpose of inspiring Brian to buy a laptop if only to read my Blog.

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