Day 2 Hockey Musings

Ron Mclean: I have a bit more respect for him after seeing him put his money where his mouth is.  I like how Steven Walkom dealt with this situation by asking Mclean to ref a preseason game.

Jarkko Ruutu: He was in the scrum that Ron Mclean was trying to stop.  You couldn’t miss that grin.  I’m definately going to miss him.  I’m glad he’s not playing in the West this year.

Crosby & Ruutu: Both got two points tonight with the Penguins.  I wonder how long Ruutu can keep that scoring pace up for??

CBC HDTV: I just figured out that they saved their only HD feed for the Battle of Alberta.  Why is there only one HD feed from the CBC.  If TSN can go to all the trouble of putting together an HD sports highlight program, then the CBC should at least figure out a way to play the actual games in HD.

HD Games: I just check the CBC website and the Canucks play on Hockey Night in Canada 13 times.  They only get the HD feed twice.  And guess who they play against in one of those games.  Toronto.  At least this game is the one on Hockey Day in Canada.

The Chief Canuck

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