Game File 1: Canucks 3 Detroit 1

The CBC: A lousy lousy lousy show last night for their first broadcast of the year.  A complete disappointment.

HDTV: After watching last nights games on TSN in HD, I’m disgusted that the CBC can’t give us the same courtesy.  As they say, we’ve got to give it to Toronto first.  Another good reason to hate them.  Hey, wait a second, the Toronto game’s not even in HD??!!

TRAP: There was no trap.  Good.

300:  Linden scored his 300th goal as a Vancouver Canuck.  I’ve been watching this for the past couple years and projected it would have happened last year.  But even though it didn’t, I’m glad he didn’t have to wait long into this season to get it.

298 – That’s how many goals Naslund has as a Canuck after tonights game.  Should be soon that he passes Linden for the all time lead.  It was only a couple years ago that Linden passed Smyl for first all time.  That got me thinking, it’s a given that Linden’s No. 16 sweater will be retired when he decides to stop playing.  If Naslund is that much more prolific a goal scorer, and could theoretically hit 400 goals in a Vancouver jersey, at what point do we start talking about his legacy and it becomes a given we retire his number 19?  Something to think about.

400 – Imagine a player have 400 goals in a Canuck uniform!  That would be something. 

LUONGO: WOW!!!!! He looked good.  It’s a strange feeling to be able to put that much trust in your goalie.  This is going to take some geting used to.  Can we start talking about retiring his number yet?

15 GAMES: I’ve got to remember to not get excited after one game.  Gotta wait til game 15.

Penalty Kill:  Looks good tonight.  They say the team is playing really well, but I think a lot of it has to do with the play of Luongo.  On the other hand, why are we spending so much time in the box?  What happened to discipline?

Luongo: Wow again!  I bet Detroit was wishing he would go back to the East.  It’s kinda funny that Lidstrom tried his long range shot from center ice on Luongo at the end of the first period.  I guess he was trying to set the tone for the next few years.  If he could get to Luongo in his first game like they got to Cloutier, all the better for them.  Ha!  Too bad. 

Game Over.  Not bad and something to build from.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

The Chief Canuck

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