Game File 2: Canucks 3 Columbus 2 (OT)

That was much more exciting hockey despite the lack of an HD feed.

The Canucks showed way more discipline in the third period, but why have they been so reckless to start the season?

It’s not good when you have the highest paid goalie in the league and he’s outplayed by a rookie.  I think we deserve better than that from Luongo.

On the flip side, the Canucks got 43 shots on net and it took them an overtime period to get the win.

I was totally frustrated by the power play tonight.  Got me missing Sopel on the point with his innate ability to keep the puck in at the point.

That third period was way more exciting than the night before.  I hope that more of that hockey is coming and not that shut down game from the third period the night before.

Before the Canucks second goal, Daniel’s first of the night, I was thinking that maybe I was wrong in my prediction that they would hit 90 points this season.  Then they broke out for 2 points each, including the game tieing and winning goal. 

I bet Anson wishes he took the deal from Vancouver…. then again he’s pocketing about $800K more that offered here.  Maybe not.

Nice to see Kelser and Burrows get some well deserved power play time.  They earned it and it’s nice to see them get rewarded for their play.

The Chief Canuck.

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