Game File 3: Canucks 2 Avalanche 3


That’s what I felt after watching last nights tilt against Colorado.  How is it that Colorado continues to lose so much talent over the last two years (Forsberg, Foote, Blake, & Tanguay), and still has talent in their system.

The kid line is what they call it, but there is nothing childish about the play of Svatos, Statsny, & Wolski.  Amazing is more like it.  They still make some rookie mistakes, one of which resulted in the Canucks first goal, but to be able to assemble a scoring line like that with rookies and sophomores is amazing.

While they have the kid line, we’ve got a bunch of kids that will never ever reach the scoring potential of those three.  Our top talented prospects are more 3rd line type guys.

It’s really disgusting.  I’m glad Nonis is doing something about the depth on the farm and about his draft day strategy.  Grabner who he picked up this year looks like he could fill those scoring shoes in a few years.

Back to the game.  Colorado had zero shots on net, and the Canucks five, when it all broke loose.  The Canucks only got 2 more shots on net the entire period as the Avalanche threw 12 on Luongo.

I liked how Krajicek jumped in the play on Daniel’s goal, I’m hoping that type of play continues as it makes for exciting hockey.  Not the boring defense only stuff.

There seems to still be a major issue with discipline, but I’m going to wait a bit more before casting too many stones.  I know Vigneault wants discipline, but he appears to be patient with this so I’ll try to be patient to.

Unfortunately the Avalanche power play was clicking tonight and at one point was 2-4 on it and finished 3-8.  Ugly stuff for us.

It’s disappointing to have Luongo in net and lose on a special teams like that.  But you have to think that if they stayed our of the box tonight, they would have won the game.

Then again, only the Swede line is scoring.  I had someone write me with a new name for this line ‘The Korg Line’.  Apparently Korg means basket, as in all your eggs in one.

And we really do have all our eggs on in one basket.  It looks like no one else is going to score.  So we need to have at least some 20 and 15 goals scorers on the team.  The Korg line can’t do it all.

That means that a 20 goal scorer needs to score a goal once every 4 games.  I guess everyone else on the team is waiting for the teams game 4 in Minnesota to score their first goal. 

Here are the players with zero points: Pyatt, Cooke, Kesler, Bulis.

Here are the players with zero goals: Above, plus Green, Santala, Burrows.

Could be trouble brewing.  Some of those guys should be 20 goals scorers, so they need to score every 5.5 games.  We’ll have to wait until at least Friday night at home against San Jose to see if there is any hope of that.  If it happens, that’s going to be a lot of goals though, and from what we’ve seen so far, highly unlikely.

The Chief Canuck

ICE CHIP: Anybody else notice Vigneault has used time-outs twice already this season?

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