1040 Poll – Boring Hockey?

I’ve said it for years.  I’d rather watch 82 fantastic fun hockey games and take my chances in the playoffs than 82 boring games and have assured a spot in the Western Conference final.

I am a fan of hockey and want to watch the best players play their best.

Today’s poll question on the Team 1040 asks: Are you okay with the Canucks new ‘system’ as long as it results in a playoff berth?

You may say yes now, but I guarantee you’ll stop watching hockey before the season is out due entirely to sheer boredom.

Here’s what I wrote to Rick Ball as a rebuttal to this complete nonsense:

Rick, you are completely out to lunch.You first say that last’s night’s tilt against Minnesota was the most boring game you’ve seen.  I totally agree.  It was total garbage and I for one will not sit and watch any more garbage played like that.

But then you say that you’d rather watch 82 garbage games and get to the playoffs.  Are you completely off your nut?  All that means is that your not really a hockey fan, and you’d prefer us to wake you up at the end of the season when the playoffs come.  

Tell you what, I’ll call you then, okay.  And tell you that they didn’t make it anyways playing like a bunch of boring idiots.

There is no way that you’ll watch the entire season if they continued to play such ugly boring hockey.  You’ll miss games and not even care, just ask for the score after. 

Enjoy your Luongo highlights, because that’s all you’ll have.  

The Chief Canuck

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