Game File 4: Canucks 1 Wild 2 (SO)

After watching the first 1.5 periods, I have to say that I miss goals.  Then Pyatt scores his first as a Vancouver Canuck which got me excited for a couple minutes. The pass from Daniel was fun to watch.  But then I was back to missing goals again.

The Wild don’t look like the hated team of old.  But that may also have a bit to do with the amazing goaltending we have now.  I really hope that we don’t squander his abilities as Florida had done the last 4 years.

Looks like Kesler is going to be out for quite a few games.  You don’t go off the ice feeling that woozy and come back in a couple games.  Not that you want to rush a guy back, but now would be a good time to get Chouinard back in the lineup. 

Is anyone else getting sick of being called a defensive team. 

The lack of a scoring depth doesn’t mean that they are  a defensive team.

The presense of a top 5 goalie doesn’t mean that they are a defensive team.

TSN: While I love the HD show, I was not impressed with the play by play with Cuthbert and commentary by ???????  Too many times they were caught napping while a play was going on talking about how silly it was that the Wild have had 30 captains, or how Nonis will get Bobby Clarke back by offering Carter or Richards an offer sheet in a few years.  Stick to the game and save the commentary for when there’s time to do it between plays.

Line Change:  Cooke was out ther trying to convince everyone he can be a valuable scorer in the NHL.  But instead of scoring any goals, he was jumping ahead of the play and throwing them offside.  He was better in the third for the offsides, but not at scoring goals.

TSN: What did the ‘trap’ have to do with Morrison taking a penalty in the offensive zone.  Nothing.  Morrison’s penalty was not a defensive play, but an effort to keep control of the puck in the offensive zone.  Someone tell them at TSN that you can’t trap in the offensive zone. 

Luongo is playing his usual lights out hockey, only to have a shot redirected by his own players skate.  The only good thing about that play was that it wasn’t Bourdon that did it.  That might have permanently damaged his psyche.

Just when I thought Morrison was going to sit out the rest of the game, he shows up again with 2 minutes left and the scores on in the shoot out.  A bit of a surprise.  But I guess Bulis Morrison Cooke is the second line despite the fact they have only 1 point in 4 games combined.  That is really really ugly for a second line.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I expect the Canucks to win every game they end up in a shoot out.  Only because of the clear advantage in net.  So tonight… well tonight Naslund finally scored in a shoot out and the team failed.  I’m not impressed.  That is a lousy way to lose to a division rival.

The Chief Canuck

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