One Week In

We’re one week into the season and here are some things that I’ve taken note of as we start to settle in.

The NJ Devils, NY Islanders, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues, and your Vancouver Canucks have all yet to play a game in their home rinks.  St. Louis & New Jersey get their home openers tonight with the rest of the teams coming this weekend.

Peter Forsberg requested Hitchcock not to play him in the shoot out against the Rangers on Saturday.  He eventually shot 6th, and was involved in the longest shoot out to date in the NHL.  26 shooters in all.  The reason given for not wanting to be part of the initial 3 was that he was apparently down to his last stick.  He had broken every single one of his sticks and didn’t want to risk losing his last one in the shoot out.

Fast Forward to Wednesday nights game against Montreal.  Frustrated after Montreal gets an empty net goal with 19 seconds left, Forsberg smashes his stick on the ice intentionally to break it.

Apparently Peter the Great is is a bit fragile this season.  First he doesn’t want to participate in the shoot out to win a hockey game for his team, then he intentionally breaks his stick at the end of a game when things don’t go his way?  Not showing the leadership qualities needed to go along with that ‘C’ he was given this season.

Despite the circus show on Long Island, I did expect them to come out swinging and pick up some wins from teams not expecting much out of them.  It looks like their 1-3 record may be the result of Nolan’s extended absence from the league.  This could get interesting.

After an 0-3 start, I hope Jim Rutherford realizes that the Carolina Hurricanes are not going to be able to compete for a second Stanley Cup this season.  After being fleeced by LA for Eric Johnson, and a current need for a power play quarterback, NHL GMs looking for a good deal will be knocking down his door trying to get a lopsided deal from him too.

Despite having taken a gamble with Dominic Hasek, GM Ken Holland must be happy he was outbid for the services of Martin Gerber.  Seriously, what was Ottawa thinking when they signed this guy for that type of money?  The coaches decision to throw Emery into only their 4th game shows that they already know what a mistake it was to sign this guy.

Headline today on TSN ‘Flames Searching for Offense’, again.  I would think that this problem will resolve itself with talent like Iginla and Tanguay on the team.  But the fans must be frustrated by the lack of goal scoring to date with only 4 goals in 3 games.  Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same. 

But not your Vancouver Canucks.  Dave Nonis went off today on the Team 1040 about the fact that the Canucks aren’t a trapping team.  The only reason the game was boring on Tuesday night was because he claims they had to play like Minny would.  It was reminiscent of a Brian Burke rant.  A pleasant change from the nice guy Nonis.

However, somebody please tell Nonis that Minnesota has the best power play unit in the NHL and that they have also scored 2 more goals than Vancouver in 1 less game.  Canucks may not be trapping, but it’s sure not exciting.

The Chief Canuck

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