Game File 5: Canucks 4 Sharks 6

The Good
Daniel & Henrik keep up their strong start to the season.  I still predict they’ll have over 90 points by the end of the year.  Naslund has tied Linden for most goals in a Canuck uniform.  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a couple years now, and am pretty excited to see it come to be. 

I’ve really started to enjoy the play of Krajicek.  I think he’s starting to settle in nicely to his role here in Vancouver.  Kevin Bieksa was a force to be reckoned with tonight.  His got his first NHL goal and 2 assists bringing his point total to 4 for the season.  Bulis was flying around tonight, but again, no finish.  Brendan Morrison got his first assist of the season.  Wait, that’s our number two center with only one assist!

The Bad
Our number two center, Brendan Morrison, got his first assist of the season.  That’s probably one of the most glaring area you will notice an issue with scoring depth on the team, when your number two center only has 1 assist in five games.  He’s now on pace for 33 points this season.  It couldn’t really get much worse for him.  He’s up to his old tricks of not skating again.  The only time Morrison is successful is when he keeps his feet moving.  You’ll remember a few years ago that Crawford was riding him pretty hard about that and now we are seeing it again.

The Ugly
Bingo Bango Bongo, Roberto let in aloto.  Six goals against in his home opener.  I’m not sure how much more you can say about that. 

Other Stuff
A little alarming to have only 5 shots on net in the first period.  And then on the flip side allow 37 against them in the game.  It was interesting that Luongo swapped his pads out in the second period, not that it helped him. He definitely was struggling a bit tonight…okay a lot tonight.

Could San Jose have any more fire power than they have now?  It’s unbelievable how deep they are.  After seeing them tonight, they have to be my pick for the Western Conference Final this year.  They are just too deep.  Tonight they had two rookie defenseman that played over 37 minutes combined.  Compare that to our one rookie defenseman that played less than 5 minutes and was a minus-2. 

The Chief Canuck

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