Game File 6: Canucks 2 Oilers 1

The Good

It’s unbelievable that the Canucks kept the Oilers to only one goal with that array of high scoring talent.  What was even more impressive that they kept them to only 17 shots in this game.

Taylor Pyatt is now on pace for over 20 goals (27 to be exact).  Salo’s goal was a display of patience.  I think Edmonton kept expecting him to pass the puck off, so when he fired it at the night after cruising around for a while, it simply caught them off guard.

The Bad

It wasn’t until the 20:00 minute of the third period that you saw any sort of emotion.  I was completely disappointed by this after seeing a preseason tilt with these two teams competing so fiercely.  I figured that they would pick up from where they left off in the pre-season, but that didn’t happen.  But with these two teams playing a home at home two game series, and with Edmonton’s poor performance tonight, we should expect to see a more competitive and exciting game tomorrow night.

The Ugly

I’m going to pick on Cooke a bit.  He continues to try and prove his scoring skills.  But instead of goals and assists, he is simply putting his line offside more often than you would believe.  These statistics are not tracked anywhere, but watch him next game and you’ll find that he does it more often than any other Canuck, and it is always preventable. 

Despite their high number of shots on goal, they lost a lot of battles for the puck in the first period.  The good thing is they stuck to the program and won more of these battles as the game progressed.  It was dissapointing though to see them come out and lose so many battles after such a lackluster performance in their home opener.

Other Notes 

On a whim, I walked over to GM Place and bought a cheap ticket for the game instead of buying the PPV.  I am definitely disappointed in the fact that there is still no scoreboard to tell us shots on goal, penalty minutes, out of town scores, etc. 

No scoreboard for information for those paying for tickets, but lots of annoying advertising around the ring to generate more income for the team.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s cool that the team is finding new ways to generate money, and I know that the scoreboards will be replaced by the end of the month.  But why did they do it in that order?  Why are they sacrificing the fan experience, albeit only for a month, in favour of the advertising buck…only for an extra month.

A very very not cool move by Orca Bay.  This is a good organization, but they’ve dropped the ball on this one.

I’ve always been a little annoyed by the fact that you get less information when you’re at a game than if you’re at home watching it on the T.V.  Or watching updates on the internet.

I really hope when I get to my next game on October 27th against Washington that we see a significant improvement in the information we get at the venue.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 6: Canucks 2 Oilers 1”

  1. Idi Says:

    As usual, great analysis. I’d be interested, however, in getting your opinion on Morrison’s play. Like you, I was disappointed with Cooke, but I felt Morrison was even more disappointing.

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