Game File 7: Canucks 1 Oilers 2

The Good

If you ignored, and I know we can’t, but if you ignored the first two quick goals, this was a great game played by the Canucks. 

The Canucks were able to kill off 5 straight power plays between the first and second period.  With the long change (long as in it’s further to get back to your own player’s bench from your defensive zone due to the change in direction in the second period), you will often find that the penalty killers get stuck on the ice too long and end up giving up an easy goal.  That was not the case here.  I really only noticed one time in the last penalty kill of the second period, which was the fifth of the period, where Markkanen sent the puck back so quickly that only one player could make a change. 

It kept them in the game.

Another clinic by Sedin Sedin Naslund in the third period.  The TV colourman, John Garrett, said that it looked like a 5 on 3 during that shift.  Edmonton could not get a touch on the puck, never mind control.  It was simply amazing, and Naslund was double shifting and hadn’t left the ice from his prior shift with Morrison & Bulis.

The Bad

Matt Cooke was the only Canuck to take a penalty in the third period.  And a stupid penalty at that. 

They only got 9 shots on net in the first two periods.  But did manage to put the pressure on in the third.  The lack of shots in the second period was more a product of spending so much time on the penalty kill than the effort they were putting in.  With 5 minor penalties called against them, and one against Edmonton, they only had just over 8 minutes of 5 on 5 hockey to work a little magic.  So the five shots on goal is a little understandable.

The Ugly

Dany Sabourin let in a goal on the first shot he faced, and 2 goals within the first three minutes of the game. 

But he did close the door after that and allowed nothing else to get by him.  He was still a bit shaky in the second, but a strong team effort got them out of the woods while allowing Sabourin to get settled into the game.

Other Game Notes

Let’s hope the jitters are now gone for Dany Sabourin.  Despite the fact the backup goaltender is only expected to play 10-15 games this year, they are expected to win half their game.

I do not enjoy watching games on TV from Rexall Place.  I feel like I’m missing part of the game because the TV broadcast booth in on the opposite side of the arena from what most other hockey venues offer.  Not only do we not get to watch what’s happening on the bench, I feel like I’m watching the game in reverse.  I kept having to recalibrate the direction the direction of the game.

We have three more of these home at home series with the Edmonton Oilers this season.  I would expect to find more emotion in the rest of the series than we saw here.  There were a couple signs of emotion, but there was not the intensity we were all expecting in either game we’ve seen between these two teams.  As the season moves on, we had better seen an improvement on this aspect from the Canucks

The Chief Canuck

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