Game File 10: Canucks 1 Stars 2

The Good

There were a lot of shots on net, at one point outshooting the Stars by a margin of 15-5.  Eventually outshooting them 34-26.  Not only that, all four lines were putting a ton of pressure on the Dallas Stars with every shift. 

With this being their third game in four nights on the road, you would think that a let down in  effort may be coming.  But that didn’t happen tonight.

There were some great efforts from all lines, most notably Green, Kesler, & Burrows seemed to be everywhere all night. 

It was a great road effort by a team still trying to find their identity.

The Bad 

A strong performance with little to show for it.  Despite Kesler, Burrows, & Green earning themselves some powerplay time in the third period, they were unable to break through with a goal. 

The pressure they put on the Stars was incredible.  It’s surprising to see that much effort and pressure and not have it result in a goal.

Then again, the Turco got pretty lucky with the whistle in this game.  Most notably when the puck was clearly free and eventually crossed the line for the Canucks, but with the whistle blown, there was no goal counted.

Turco kept out 33 of 34 shots tonight.  That’s a .971 save percentage in this game.  I hope that this is more a reflection of his great game, as opposed to the Canucks lack of scoring depth.

The Ugly

The ice.  It seemed pretty slushy out there and there were plenty of bouncing pucks.  You’ve got to wonder what’s going on in an arena where they can’t sweep away the slush.

Despite the fact Dallas won the game, and has a record of 8-1, they did not come across as a dominating force, or as a team with any force at all.  And they did not deserve a win on this game either.

Other Notes

It’s interesting how much Vigneault changes his lines during the games.  He really likes to mix it up.  I had a hard time keeping up with who was playing with how tonight. 

Jan Bulis had a disappearing act tonight.  And in only the second game he’s been pushed onto the second line with Morrison & Naslund.  Not the kind of thing the team needs.

Next up is a Chicago team that is missing Havlat, Handzus,  & Ruutu (Tuomo that is).  There couldn’t be a better time to hit the windy city than now.

The Chief Canuck.

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