Game File 11: Canucks 5 Blackhawks 0

The Good

Taylor Pyatt is now on pace for 37 goals.   For the record, that’s four more than Carter got last year. 

And Cooke is now on pace for 7.  Even though he’s on the the third line, he needs to deliver at least 15 goals for this team this year.

Hank got his first goal of the season.  Sometimes you just need some puck luck to get going.  Sure enough, no sooner had he got his first goal on some fluky bounces, he scored another, which was much cleaner.  And the Sedins were their usual dominant selves tonight, each getting three points.

Luongo was incredible, and despite the fact the team scored 5 goals, Luongo earned himself the shutout.

The Bad

Green has been working extremely hard, and has been everywhere over the last couple games.  But, he is still yet to buy a goal.  Like I said with Henrik though, sometimes you just need a bounce.

Kesler & Burrows seem to be facing the same issues as Green.  Their work effort is awesome, but are gettting no points to show for it.  At some point, somethings got to give.

The Ugly

The huge number of turnovers in the defensive zone was unexpected and very alarming.  Luongo was the only reason the team left with a shutout.  While you have to give credit to Chicago for never giving up, there was a lot of sloppy play in the defensive zone on the part of the Canucks.

Other Notes

Chicago’s stickwork and ability to catch pucks in the air and get them into passing lanes was incredible.  They must be learning something from the Minnesota Wild. 

It seems to me that the score tonight was more representative of what it should have been in Dallas.  After a good first period, the Canucks again took a string of penalties and allowed Chicago an opportunity to get back in the game.

Fortunately for them, they had the edge in goaltending tonight which allowed them to trop them.

The Chief Canuck

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