Game File 12: Canucks 3 Capitals 2 (SO)

The Good

An impressive effort from the home team tonight at the garage.  Often the first game back from a road trip can be one of dissapointment due solely because of a lack of effort.  That that was not the case tonight.

After one period of play, the Canucks had outshot the Capitals by a margin of 16-1 and held a two goal lead.  They also held Washington to only 2 shots on goal in the entire third period and finished the game with a margin of 44-21.

That is amazing.

Luongo came up big in this game when it matter most.  The two goals he let in were simply impossible to stop and were made on great plays.  Both of which included the 2006 Calder Trophy winner Alexander Ovechkin.

The Bad

Despite the fact the Canucks managed a goal on the powerplay tonight, they ended the game only 1 for 10.  They have got to pick it up, and get it clicking.  Fortunately, they were able to hold on to this one and claim the win in the shootout.

You’d expect a team with any sort of skill to get more than 2 goals with 44 shots on net.  But I guess that’s the point, we’ve lost some of that skill up front and may have to keep that type of effort going to get the goals we need.

The Ugly 

While only allowing the Caps 1 shot on goal in the first, and 2 shots on goal in the third, they let them back in the game with 16 in the second period.

You have to give Glen Hanlon’s team some credit for coming out strong in the second, which eventually led to the Canucks taking 6 penalties in the period, allowing one powerplay goal and letting them take this game to overtime, and eventually a shootout.

The team has simply got to become more disciplined.  I would think that with the way Vigneault coaches, this would not be an issue as it had in the Crawford era.  But looking at it, it almost seems worse. 

Then again, maybe I just expect more from this aspect of the game, and had become immune to Bertuzzi’s offensive zone penalties.

Other Notes

I was provided a club seat ticket to this game before the  season began and have had this date marked in my calendar since then.

Alexander Ovechkin delivered as expected.  He was completely dynamic out there.  Not only was he involved in both Washington’s goals, he had multiple other chances.  Everytime he touched the puck, you got a bit nervous that he would put it into that other gear, that only a few players have, and electrify the building. 

As a fan, I don’t think you could have asked for a more enjoyable game to see.  Watching Alex the GR8, 44 offensive shots on net, only 21 against, a shootout, and finally a win at home on the first game back from a road trip.

The Chief Canuck

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