Scoring Woes II

In response to the many articles written in local media today, after a supposed coming out party of the second line, I need to reinforce my viewpoints on the scoring, chemistry, and discipline issues with the Vancouver Canucks.

And Saturday night’s game between Washington & Edmonton did that for me.  Here’s how.

First, Edmonton only put 27 total shots on Kolzig and found a way to pot 4 goals.  The reason they could do that is they have massive amounts of scoring depth in their forward ranks.

The Canucks put 44 shots on him the night before and were only able to manage 2 goals.  If there was chemistry, or a decent level of skill, 44 shots should have provided at least one, and potentially two more goals.

Edmonton was able to keep Washington to relatively few shots in the first period as did the Canucks.  But instead of taking it easy in the second period and putting yourself in penalty trouble as the Canucks did, Edmonton only took 3 minors all night. 

That’s discipline.

And chemistry.  Well, it’s difficult to explain it.  But if they had it, you would have a seen a result as Edmonton had, winning 4-0.  The Canucks had the work ethic, but are lacking chemistry, discipline, and scoring talent.

The Chief Canuck

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