Canuck Fun with Stats

I never enjoyed a statistics course I’ve taken.

But every year, I do look forward to getting the newest media guide from the Vancouver Canucks to see what opportunities are out their for the current players to make their permanenet mark on the team with their statistics.

Last year, after the lockout, it was nearly impossible to get a hold of a media guide, and did so only after befriending a member of the staff member of Orca Bay.

This year, they had plenty.  Here are a few tidbits I found interesting to watch as the season unfolds.

All Time Goals – This one already happened.  Naslund overtook Linden for 1st all time on the goal scoring list in a Canuck uniform.  The team started the year with no 300 goal scorers and now have two.  That’s a great feat.  Hopefully, Naslund will stick around a 3 more years and become the first Canuck to hit 400.

All Time Points – Both Linden and Naslund should hit 700 points this season.  Linden should do it soon needing only 4 points from the start of the season.  Naslund will have to wait till later in the season, needing 59 points when the season began.  Again, that will be tops for any Canuck player.

Single Season Assists – The most assists ever posted by a Canuck was 62 by Andre Boudrais in 1974-75.  With Henrik Sedin sharing the league lead in assists with Jagr last week, it’s easy to think that he could  greatly exceed this record that has stood for the past 30 years. 

Single Season Points – Naslund has led the team in points for the past 7 seasons.  Since the 98-99 season to be exact.  You can expect this year to be the passing of the torch to one of the Sedins.  Both already have more points than Naslund, and while still valuable and a top producer, the Sedins are now leading the team.

Most Exciting Player Award – Anson Carter won it last year.  Does that mean Pyatt’s a shoe in for this season?

Canuck Captains – Depending on how you consider Linden’s first year as captain where he shared the responsibility with Dan Quinn & Doug Lidster, Naslund will now either pass or equal Linden for years of service as the Vancouver Canuck’s Captain.  He’s still two years from matching Smyl’s all time lead with 8 seasons.

Significant Numbers – Daniel Sedin will reach 100 goals in a Canuck uniform while his brother, Henrik, will hit 200 assists later this season. 

Enjoy the season.

The Chief Canuck

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