Game File 13: Canucks 2 Predators 3

The Good

After coming out flat and getting down by two goals, the team managed to fight their way back to tie it up by the third period.

The Canucks played good hockey late in the second and carried that momentum into the third.

Luongo was stellar and gave the Canucks a chance to get a point or even two out of this game. 

Vigneault shortened his bench as needed tonight, with Burrows, Chouinard, and Linden playing only 5:13, 6:13, and 7:56 respectively.  In the third period he then decided to double shifted Naslund and played him with the Sedins to get the big punch out their to push hard for a goal. 

The Bad

I’m not usually one to pick on the referees in a hockey game.  They have one of the most difficult jobs in the game.  But this game was pretty bad. 

There were not one, and maybe as many as three phantom calls against the Canucks.  The call on Pyatt for Interference when Vokoun fell down was ridiculous. 

I happened to be at the game sitting near the ice where the referee was standing.  He was not looking in the direction of the goalie at that moment, and then caught out of the corner of his eye Vokoun falling down.  He assumed it was Pyatt but never saw it. 

The reality was that Vokoun dove.  The rest of the game the boo birds were out every time Vokoun touched the puck the rest of the night.

The Ugly

The flat start the Canucks had tonight was the one usually seen on the first game back from a road trip.  But that game was last Friday against Washington and they came out blazing with 16 shots on goal.

A flat start, a string of penalties, and two goals put the team down early.  A hole they nearly found their way out of but a quick breakout against the play left them down and out when time ran out.

Other Notes

Bourdon played his usually 9 or so minutes tonight.  As a fan, I wish the kid would have a bigger impact on the team, but I can’t fault Vigneault for his patient approach to getting him experience. 

The Canucks can least afford to send him down to the juniors, which is their only other option with him being only 19.  At the junior level, the team would not have the ability to call him up again at any point this season.  With the lack of depth at this position, it all but guarantees we’ll continue to see patience with him.

For those of you not familiar with another phenom, still unknown at this point, introduce yourself to Radulov of the Predators.  He was definitely exciting and explosive to watch tonight.  Getting himself a goal in the process.

At the beginning of the season, Radulov was sent down to the minors.  There, he got himself 7 points in 3 games which earned himself a promotion to the big league.  Expect him to be a finalist for the Calder trophy this year.

Matty Ohlund seemed to be fighting the puck much of the night, right up to the point he scored a goal.  That makes up for any of the miscues he had earlier in the game.

Canucks now head out on the road, with their first game in Minnesota on Thursday. 

The Chief Canuck

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