Game File 16: Canucks 2 Stars 1

The Good

Look at that, Bieksa got another goal tonight. 

But it was Luongo that kept them in the game with two quick consecutive and difficult saves on Modano and Jokinen. 

And then the Canucks got a bit of a break, finally, when Morrow took a late third period penalty allowing Pyatt to score on posted shot by Ohlund who sneaked up off the blueline.

The Bad 

After playing a very disciplined game in Colorado, the Canucks took a rash of penalties in the first half of the game.

While Dallas ended up taking more, the Canucks were unable to convert on any of their opportunities as the power play failed them again until the last minute of the game.

It would have been a much more exciting game to watch if they could have potted one earlier.

The Ugly 

Bieksa now has more goals than 7 forwards.  That’s really bad for a team 16 games into the season.  Basically that means that 7 forwards are on pace for single digit goals this season.  Last year, of the forwards playing over 70 games, nobody had less than 10 goals.  Not a single one.  Even Richard Park got 8 goals in only 60 games played.

Other Notes

The Canucks again out shot their opponents tonight… 26-20.  After 15 games, they had averaged 32 shots and only 26 against, for a difference of 6 every game.  It looks like that’s one thing we should expect to continue.

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