Game File 17: Canucks 0 Ducks 6

The Good

Maybe I should skip this section for this game…

Okay, I could probably find a few good things.  Linden, H. Sedin, Edler, & Bieksa were the only players that came out of the night without a minus.  That’s good because two of those guys are defenseman that have a combined 57 games in the NHL. 

The other good thing was that despite taking 8 penalties, they did not allow a single goal against them while short handed.  It’s strange that they were so successful defensively when short handed, and so unsuccessful when at even strength.

The Bad

It was a rude awakening for a very inexperienced D-Line.  After Ohlund, who has played in 574 career NHL games, the remaining combined blue line has only 163 games in experience. 

Looking at Ohlunds stats, I realized that he typically misses a few games to injury every year himself.  He has actually played only one full 82 game schedule in his career.  Let’s hope that he holds strong for the next little bit or this team is in for a huge downturn.

The Ugly

While there is hope in the wings for the defense with Mitchell and Salo slowly inching their way back to health, there is little hope out their to increase scoring with the current crew.

Tonight, the team didn’t even get their regular two goals.  That makes 10 goals in 6 games for them. 

Nonis needs to make a deal, but he is a patient man and won’t want to deal from a position of weakness. 

Unfortunately, he’s not being left with much of a choice.

The Chief Canuck

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