Game File 18: Canucks 2 Flames 3

The Good

The Canucks got back to scoring 2 goals again.  I mean, I guess that’s good because it’s better than the zero goals they got against Anaheim.

Again, the Canucks outworked, out shot, and out chanced the opposition.  That’s good, but it still wasn’t good enough.

While the concern has been with scoring, I think that it was impressive that the Canucks only received 4 minor penalties in the entire game and again, did not allow a power play goal against.

The Bad

The power play finally clicked, netting two goals for the team.  But with no other goals, and the Calgary getting back into the game, it was all for not.

The Ugly

Often, Vancouver fans would get frustrated with Todd Bertuzzi’s lack of effort or consistency.  Sometimes, he would take a big hit in a game, and it would awaken a sleeping giant.  He would then go on an dominate the remainder of the game.

It was that way with Iginla on Saturday night.  Matt Cooke smoked Iginla when he wasn’t looking, shortly after Iginla took a large shot off on Luongo, and sent him flying. 

Iginla won that game because Cooke awoke the giant.  Thanks Cookie.

The Chief Canuck

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