Game File 19: Canucks 2 Red Wings 3

The Good

Trevor Linden hit the 700 point mark in a Vancouver Canuck uniform.  Naslund should hit 700 points late in the year, but won’t be able to overtake Linden until next season.

The teams discipline has improved, noting only 5 minors tonight.  That trend should continue as Vigneault holds his team accountable.  That, along with a great penalty kill is a great combination.

Interesting that the Canucks were able to manage 2 goals on only 20 shots tonight.  That’s a significant improvement in scoring percentage, but it doesn’t matter if they still only get to two goals.

The Bad

The Canucks were only able to manage 10 shots on net in the first two periods.  They doubled that in the third period, but it was too late for them by then. 

They simply do not have the talent to put up such a weak effort with shots. 

Unfortunately, two of them were key.  Bulis took an inopportune time to skate behind Hasek, taking a goalie interference penalty.  Then late in the third, the linesman caught the Canucks with too many men on the ice. 

The Ugly

Another game with only two goals scored.  It was so apparent after Detroit scored their second goal that the game was over.  As a fan, I felt no excitement when the Canucks quickly scored a goal to tie it.  They simply cannot win if the opposition scores two goals. 

For those of you keeping track, that’s 8 consecutive games with 2 or less goals.

Other Notes

While Luongo’s short handed slip up was bad, it’s not the reason the team lost.  Their inability to score more than two goals a game is the real reason the team is officially in a major downhill slide now. 

This game was lost the second that Zetterberg was left alone in front of Luongo and made a great play, getting the puck up and over him.

This is not a Stanley Cup Contender.  Even if the Canucks find a way to dig deep, and start winning some games, they do not have nearly enough pieces to win a playoff round.

Can you imagine Coulombe or Bulis fighting their way through a playoff round.  The battles they’d have to face, the intensity, and physical beatings these two diminutive players would have to go through.  They’ll have enough trouble getting through the season.

Vigneault’s doing his part by getting his team to compete every night, save a few games this year.  It’s time Nonis steps up and does his.  The team he’s iced here is simply not good enough.

The Chief Canuck

updated 06/11/15: Go back and read Game File 18 as well, it was posted a few days late, but is still valid.

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