Messier’s Leadership Award

There has already been so much written in the Vancouver blog community on the general disgust of the creation of this award that there is no need for me to regurgitate all of it. 

Instead, I’ll point you to Tom Benjamin’s Weblog for you to take in some of his thoughts.  He’s clearly upset and as a result not entirely coherent in this thoughts, but it makes for a good read.

There are two key things that I believe the league got wrong on this one though. 

First, there is no real criteria for the award.  How did Shanahan really show leadership in the first month of play? 

Second, how do you give Messier an award after only being retired for one season, while Gretzky has been out 7 or so years and has yet to obtain an award after his name.  If your wondering, I firmly believe an award should be presented for the most assists in one season in Gretzky’s name. 

The man has more assists than anyone else has points.  Add it to a list of stuff the NHL gets wrong. 

And just one last note on this.  You do not get to see the first ever Mark Messier leadership award winner this season.  Due, of course, to an unbalanced schedule, which was the decision of NHL brass.

The Chief Canuck

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