Game File 20: Canucks 4 Blues 2

The Good

Finally, more than two goals.  As soon as the third goal was scored, you knew that they would win.  That’s all they’ve needed, one extra goal.  And tonight they got two more.

Early in the game, after Morrison scored the first for the Canucks, you could see a renewed determination on the other lines.  It’s almost like they were saying ‘see, if he can do it, so can we’. 

Over the following shifts throughout the game, Ryan Kesler seemed to be everywhere with an eye for the net.  It took the rest of the game for him to get one, but he got it. 

The Canucks were on fire tonight.  They had 44 shots on net, and allowed only 21 against. 

And the best players were the teams best players tonight.  Naslund had 2 goals and 8 shots on net, followed by Daniel with 6, and then Henrik with 5.  That one line had 19 shots on net.  Compare that to St. Louis getting only 21 for their entire team.

That is a what you call a complete effort and they were awarded for it with 4 goals. 

And how sweet it is.

The Bad

I thought Bulis looked pretty poor out there, and did not hustle the same way the rest of the team did.

The Ugly

No ugly tonight.  They scored 4 goals, so we’ll just take that for now. 

The Chief Canuck

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