Where Would We Be

If Dave Nonis hadn’t made a blockbuster deal the night before the 2006 NHL Entry Draft?

All you need to do is look at some of those key players and see how their seasons are going.

Who’s Gone

Todd Bertuzzi– The key player in the deal to bring in Luongo is out recovering from back surgery.  While he had 7 points in 7 games, he’ll likely finish the year with only 7 points total.  If he was on the Canucks, the team would still be facing scoring concerns.

Bryan Allen– A solid defenseman who is doing well in Florida. 

Alex Auld– He went to Florida thinking it was his shot at taking the number one job in net, only to have Ed Belfour show up on a one year deal.  He’s 3-6-2 this season, but the real story is in his other stats.  His save percentage is a career low .892 while his goals against average is also a career worst 3.35.  And the Canucks choice would have been him, or the other goalie shipped out of Vancouver…

Dan Cloutier– Dan’s stats are even worse than Auld’s.  He’s currently holding a record of 3-7-2, a Save % of .872 and Goals Against of 3.46.  That is downright ugly.  Which would be your starting goaltender?

Who’s Here

Lukas Krajicek– Another good defenseman, perhaps with more offensive flair than Allen.  This is pretty much an even swap.

Roberto Luongo – While his stats aren’t fantastic, they are considerably better than the goalies that departed Vancouver.  A current record of 8-9-1, with a save percentage sitting at 9.05, and goals against of 2.52.

Clearly, without this deal, the Canucks would be in even worse shape than they are now.  And without the coaching change it’s highly likely that the team would not be putting forth the efforts needed to even get the number of wins they have to date.

Add to that the fact that Roberto Luongo has kept the team in many games, and given them the opportunity to win.

The inability to score would still have been there as Bertuzzi, the main offensive piece, is not playing and won’t be for the remainder of the season.  If you swapped out the goalies, there is not denying that Luongo beats out a combination of Cloutier/Auld on any given game day.  

Nonis does not, however, get a free ride on this.  He still needs to do something if he wants to have a true contender in Vancouver.   

But without the key trades he did this summer, it would be even more dismal in the Canuck locker room than it is now.

The Chief Canuck

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